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Since partnering with AstraBit the Discord has changed. If you still would prefer access to the community by itself, without the strategy or algorithim, this is still available.


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Always Interacting

Constant communication throughout the day providing you with videos, trade setups, & analysis.

Questions answerd by Kobra as well as feedback from our diverse knowledgable group of members!

Always Analyizing

Crypto, Legacy, FX, & more. Kobra is always looking for the next great opportunity.

Weekly chart requests, daily updates, and more!

Always Teaching

Weekly tutorial topics that YOU PICK! Learn what you WANT, not what others THINK you should!

Exclusive updates, emergency analysis on black swan events, livestream charting & trading.

Always Earning

Only taking weekends off, Kobra trades regularly. No matter your schedule, it’s easy to grow!

This group was created BY a trader FOR traders. Stay motivated by someone with a proven track record!

beginner or pro

The information in this group is from traders with 7+ years of experience. This isn’t your brothers “gUrU” group. We want to give you an improved quality of life by being financially independant.

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