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Instead of installing & maintaining software, you simply set it up once, and you’re done.

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99.9% up time. You’re always in control of your funds, we don’t store them for you.

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A solid community of members with experience, and a team of professionals ready to help.

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Extensive in-depth guides no matter which exchange you decide to use.

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Backtesting Results

Please note the dates in the screenshots!
(Live Spreadsheet Coming Soon)

These are TradingView backtests utilizing the “Deep Backtest” functionality allowing me to show actual results beyond what their “normal” backtest allows for.

Since this is a 5 (five) minute timeframe it allows me to show backtest results from further back in time, in this case, a year. The “normal” backtest only allows for 500 candles. Obviously dating back to June 2022 is much more than that.

Algorithmic Innovation

Advanced Functionality

Automated Profit-Taking!

With this first public release come the amazing functionality to automcatically close a portion of the position when price moves in your favor. This locks in profit and also serves to cover trading fees for that particular position.

Black-Swan Protection

Not only does this strategy have a trailing stop-loss to protect you from price reversals. But if the strategy has an open position during an unpredictable black-swan event, it has a hard-stop, to automatically close the position and prevent liquidation giving you peace of mind.

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Manage On The Go

Simple to use & always available! You’ll always have the ability to manage your bots as well as check your profit & loss. This includes the ability to review signals that may have occurred while you were away.

Community Driven

AstraBit has a very large community on their Discord. This means that even if you’re travelling you can always get help if Kobra is busy. They have a dedicated support staff serving all your needs.

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Services At Home & On The Go!

Professional Grade

Proprietary & Professional


Full of Features

The AstraBit Dashboard has built in TradingView charts. You have easy access to your profile & account. There is an advanced trading dashboard allowing you to easily manage positions & bots.


Anything you can do on the exchange you choose to allow your algo to trade on, you can do in the AstraBit Dashboard. This includes API Connection Management for your exchanges of choice & editing strategy settings.


*You’ll be redirected to for checkout. This is normal & required to use the product. In the future this may change as we upgrade the website.*

Is it legitimate?

Do I have to use a VPN?

This completely depends on the region you live in and your local jurisdiction & laws. And even if you don't use one, you should anyway for security purposes. Use THIS LINK to get the one I use for FREE for 30days.

Can I trust you?

I am fully doxxed, 100% transparent with the results & changes I make to the algorithm, I make trading educational content, and have over 12 years of trading experience. So I would say, yes. You can trust me.

How do I use this?

1) Follow the links on this site to create an account on (our partner)

2) Subscribe to the strategy

3) Create & Link you exchanges API key to your AstraBit Dashboard.

4) Configure your amount to trade & leverage in your strategy settings. Then just enable the trading strategy.

If you need more in-depth information please go to the documentation page here

What exchanges can I use?

Is it Bitcoin Only?

For now, yes. The current Venom V4 algo is only available on Bitcoin. Very soon, I plan on releasing versions for Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Solana (SOL) & others. Our goal isn't to just have "one or two" products, so we're creating an entire suite of them!

How does it trade?

When you are subscribed to the strategy and have your exchange API linked on AstraBit, the algorithm will trade automatically from your exchanges account. You simply turn it on, and can forget about it. The only thing you have to do is decide how much you want it to trade, and what leverage (if any) to use.

What timeframe does it trade on?

It was built on the 5 minute time frame. However, this algorithm is specifically designed to not only long & short, but also take partial profits, and has the ability to close & sit out. I did this on purpose so it will take no sides or flip-flop during sideways chop since this tends to confuse the algos, and leads to unnecessary loss.

How often will it trade?

The strategy itself averages about 2-3 trades per week. Which is pretty standard on a 5 minute time frame.